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The sounds of the (green) city

21 October 2021

Elina Nyberg

The Nordregio magazine published an article about the SmarterGreenerCities Helsinki case study in October 2021. The researchers conducted a PPGIS study in early 2021 that discussed the values and soundscapes in the study areas, Kuninkaantammi and Kalasatama. The aim was to understand the residents’ experience of urban and green spaces in the study sites.

“Sounds are an integral part of our urban nature experience: the sound of water, birds singing, wind rustling in the trees, people talking, and cars driving by. The urban soundscape is a central element of a study into people’s experience of the local environment in the Kalasatama and Kuninkaantammi neighbourhoods in Helsinki,” wrote Pall Tomas Finsson in the article. He interviewed work package leader Silviya Korpilo and  researcher Elina Nyberg for the article.

Read more at the Nordregio magazine webpage

Playground in the Kuninkaantammi study site   An inner yard in the Kalasatama study site

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Project coordinator Associate Professor Erik Andersson, erik.andersson(at)

Stockholm Resilience Centre (SCR), University of Stockholm

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