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Our Research

The project SMARTer Greener Cities aims:

  • Develop a conceptual and operational framework for SETS theory capable of making smart city approaches smarter with explicit inclusion of a systems framing to conceptualize challenges and solutions for climate resilient and equitable cities (WP2).
  • Provide in-depth empirical support for the systems framing to explore in depth social-ecological (Case Helsinki, WP3), ecological-technological (Case Stockholm, WP4), and social-technological (Case Copenhagen, WP5) couplings through shared learning, practice and engagement in three case study cities.
  • Share knowledge across three Nordic cities and promote new types of learning institutions to understand the full suite of SETs couplings and their intended and unintended consequences across system domains such as social justice and ecosystem based climate resilience (WP6).

Methodological framework and Work Package (WP) Structure

Methodological framework and Work Package Structure

Project coordinator Associate Professor Erik Andersson, erik.andersson(at)

Stockholm Resilience Centre (SCR), University of Stockholm

Project funder:

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