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A multisensory PPGIS survey in two developing neighbourhoods in Helsinki

08 March 2021

Elina Nyberg

Outdoor recreational areas provide us a range of experiences especially when we find ourselves surrounded by nature. There has been a focus in research and planning on the visual features of urban landscapes. Yet, we hear places as much as we see them.
Smarter Greener Cities researchers in Helsinki are studying how citizens perceive and experience their everyday living environment through different senses. How pleasant, disruptive or restorative are views of the forests or views of the sea? How pleasant or unpleasant are the sounds of children playing in a residential yard or bird songs along a daily walk?
Researchers are collecting data from local residents living in the two rapidly developing neighbourhoods in Helsinki – Kalasatama and Kuninkaantammi. Residents are asked about the importance, values, and meanings of different green and blue spaces in these areas. They are also asked to map pleasant and unpleasant sounds in their neighbourhood. The survey collects valuable participatory data on how to plan and manage healthy and attractive urban green spaces, while also accommodating for citizens’ well-being and recreational needs.

Volunteers can take part in the online surveys by using the following links: Kalasatama survey and Kuninkaantammi survey

The survey is open from March 2021 until May 2021. It is conducted by University of Helsinki, in partnership with the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and Forum Virium Helsinki (City of Helsinki). For more information about the survey, contact Silviya Korpilo at silviya.korpilo(at)

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Project coordinator Associate Professor Erik Andersson, erik.andersson(at)

Stockholm Resilience Centre (SCR), University of Stockholm

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